How To Become A Millionaire

So you want to be a millionaire right? how you answer is critical to whether you will become really rich or not, if you are already saying stuffs like "to become a millionaire is not beans o", well it might not be "beans o" but that should not be the mindset you carry around if you want to be one, to become a millionaire or rich as the case may be, you need to be very confident that you can be rich, because some people have so much a low sense of worth that they believe every other person can be rich but not them, whenever they see certain kind of cars and houses they never see themselves riding the car or living in the house, they believe it can never happen, having such a thought will only make a person die of poverty.

So in order to become a millionaire you need start thinking like one, you are what you think, where you are right now is as a product of how you have been thinking for the past 5-10 years, drop all that thought of one evil family member casting misfortunes around you, as much as that is possible, the effect that such will have is still dependent on your acceptance of it. lets look at handy tips on how to become a millionaire.

1. Be Realistic & Be Smart: Becoming a millionaire doesn't happen overnight, even get rich quick methods still require that you do something to get rich, so do your research, do your planning, you will have to decide you don't want to die in poverty to start your journey towards wealth, yes i know, God blesses people, but even then there must be something you have in your hands that God will have to bless. Read more about people who became rich, their lifestyle, disconnect from people who have do not ambitions, also understand that there are people who will suffer if you don't become rich, think about it, if the owner of the company you work was not rich enough to start the company, you probably will be without a job and if you are without a job perhaps its because someone somewhere who should have gotten rich for you failed to, if the best you ever become is to be able to provide for yourself and your family good, but it can be better, start thinking and acting like a millionaire.

2. Become a Super Saver: Super saver is what i said not super stingy, there is a thin line between saving and been stingy so you have tread with discretion, because a stingy person cannot become rich and a careless spender too cannot become rich. You need money to make money and one of the things about rich people is that they are money smart, they save more than they spend, they keep budgets and they are principled people not "anywhere belle face" kind of people, set aside a particular amount you remove from your salary as soon soon as you get paid and drop it into a savings account you setup for that purpose and not your main account, except you trust yourself enough not to touch it if its in your main active account.

3. Draw a Plan: You have to plan, don't be like that person who dreams of one day owning Google but doesn't even have basic computer education and doesn't have plans to obtain one, you can do a 6 month to 5 year plan depending on your saving ability and your income level, determine how much you can save regularly for that period and what you plan to do with the money at the end of that saving period and you must never loose sight of your plan or else you will just forget about it when situations start changing around you, always write down your goals and your plans don't just think and settle it in your head you will forget and such a plan will fizzle out.

4. Invest Wisely: What you invest your savings in will go a long way in determining how well you do in your millionaire journey, don't rush into a particular just because its making waves now, always consider the future of anything you want to invest in, you can invest in real estate if you save enough for that, you can invest in your own business and you can buy into another person's business, investing in your own business will be a better option for you, because you will have total control over the investment, whatever the case might be though, be smart.

5. Marry Well: Most important of all is who you marry, every other thing i have listed above, if well in place can be brought to ruins if your marriage is offside, as a matter fact so many people find out that their fortune goes down the drain as a result of a terrible marriage, avoid getting married to a partner whose mentality is poor especially when they come from very impoverished backgrounds, marrying a person from a very poor family is not so much of an issue but when the person you are marrying has a very poor mentality and totally poor perspective on life and the person is bad natured, then the journey to a millionaire life maybe a more difficult one.

So those are my tips on how to become a millionaire and having said all that, remember, It Is God That gives power to get Wealth, and if you want to know if i who wrote this article is a millionaire yet, well, its a journey and i am well on my way to it already and i didn't think it wise to get there alone and so i had to share, so you should share as well. your comments are welcomed