Love Message For The Girl You Love;LoveRhymes For Your Girl

I’ll name a cloud after you
So it will rain on you when I miss you
I’ll name a river after you
So it will flow to you When I’m far from you
I’ll name a bird after you
So it will sing to you every morning am not with
Morning boo

I see love in your eyes
I love you too no need for disguise
You chose me in the midst of many guys
Never to break your heart not like other guys

Sweet melodious rhyme
To the one I think about all the time
Sweet melodious song
To the one that keeps our love strong
A thousand rhymes and a thousand song
Cannot express how much for you my love is strong

I don’t wanna be alone
I’ve found the one to call my own
Succulent meat in the place of dry bone
The girl I can always take home
The one to make my house a home

My heart reaches out to you
My princess it’s not the same without you
Far or near always in love with you
Sweet dreams boo