The Day I Died

How in the world would a person be able to write a story about they day he died? that might be your train of thought after seeing that title, i would definitely have thought so too if i found myself in your position and seeing such an article, but believe me mine is a true story, and you probably might have come across my story before, it's possible you have forgotten, let me refresh your memory.

I was just a few years over 30 years old, everything around me was going on fine and i was very successful in my chosen profession, i knew my purpose in life and i was actively living out God's plan for my life, getting married was not ever on my mind as it was not part of what God wanted for me, despite the fact that i was well known in my neighborhood and there were plenty of women around, i was comfortable with my decision to stay unmarried, since not getting married was part of what was going to make my mission in life successful it was okay by me.

I had gone out with a couple of my friends, when the incident happened, i was together with a couple of my friends in a particular garden around my neighborhood, we go to the garden whenever we just have want to have serious discussions and deliberations, while we were there, a bunch of unscrupulous elements stormed into the garden wielding dangerous weapons, my friends were quick to escape, i didn't get to escape like my friend and so i was abducted by these people, it wasn't immediately clear what their plan was, but after carrying me around to several of their hideouts throughout the night, my abductors eventually killed me in a most gruesome manner, the kind of death reserved for criminals was the sort of death they dealt on me.

The good part was that after 3 days, i rose again, my name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth and it was for you i suffered, bled and died and for your salvation i rose again after 3 days just so you might have life abundantly, if you happen to be a child of mine already and you have given your life to me and you can indeed say i am your Savior, then i am so glad for the salvation of your soul, but if you haven't given your life to me then i urge you to do so, there is salvation in no other name, it is appointed for man to die once after that is judgement, I love you with a great love, accept the salvation that i make available and don't hesitate to share my story, you will be blessed by it.