Dreams are a powerful medium through which a person sees into the spiritual and whether you believe it or not the spiritual controls the physical, you can read more about dreams in my article, WHEN YOU SLEEP DO YOU DREAM, dreams can either be from God or from the devil and it can also be neutral, a neutral dream is one that maybe induced by sickness, going to bed hungry can also induce a food related dream, identifying a neutral dream can be tricky though, so don't be quick to discard any dream at all, you will not lose anything if you pray about and nullify any bad omen it might indicate, when a dream is from god the information in the dream pushes the person to make a right decision but a dream inspired by the wicked ones will push wrong things into the life of people, when the wicked ones inspire dreams that makes a person make a wrong choice in marriage because they see the person several times in the dream offering them help or doing other good things only for them to enter into trouble after marriage, take your dream life very seriously

Having s*x in the dream is one of those dreams you should not take very lightly especially when it becomes a constant thing, some people actually relish the idea of having sex in the dream if the person in the dream is someone they actually have a crush on, it doesn't matter who the person in the dream looks like, having s*x in the dream is an indication of spirit wife or spirit husband, for some people it is so chronic that when they wake up they see physical manifestation in their body as if they really had s*x, spirit wife and husband are wicked spirit that can get so jealous to the point that they prevent people they oppress from getting married physically, ever wondered why certain young ladies never get any men to propose marriage to them, even women who have problem having children sometimes are as a result of the spirit wife of the man they are married to, this information is not meant to scare anybody but to open the eyes of people who need help

Getting rid of spirit wife/husband is not a technical matter, you do not even need to visit your pastor or religious leader. having s*x outside marriage is one of the gates through which these spirits enter the life people, indecent dressing is also another gate, ladies exposing their body are not only attracting men but also attracting these filthy spirits, so ladies that dress to kill are not killing anybody but themselves, some people also get spirit wife/husband from childhood age when parents unnecessarily keep their children nude all the time, read the Bible verse below so you just don't think these things are just been made up

Gen 6:1-2 "When people had spread all over the world, and daughters were being born, some of the heavenly beings saw that these young women were beautiful, so they took the ones they liked"
Oh do you understand that verse at all, heavenly beings referred to here were the fallen angels, spirits but they manifested physically and married these beautiful daughters of men, so the catch is if that was possible then physically, it means the spiritual one we are talking here is small for them, or haven't you heard stories of young men who take young ladies home only for some of these ladies just disappearing from the bed in the middle of the night, or the story of the man who had been dating a lady for a while and the day he decides to go check the lady at her parents home got the shock of his life when he was told the lady he was looking for died 3 years earlier, enough said.

The first thing to do to get rid of spirit wife/husband is to repent of any of the sin through which they could gain entry, ask God for forgiveness and then pray aggressively against these spirits, praying a simple like

"you spirit wife troubling me in my sleep every night enough is enough, loose your hold"
Another one could be
"I get angry in my spirit against any spirit wife molesting me in my dream"
You could also pray
"Difficult problems introduced into my life by jealous spirit wife, receive solution now"

If you read up to this point and you are sure you do not have any problem with spirit wife or husband please share or forward this to a friend, a friend may just need this, problems like this are not the type friends talk about readily so help someone today