I'll beg to have few minutes of your time today. Pls read this!
There are people who do not want change. People whose lives are daily ticking like a timed bomb and yet they do little or nothing to make them correct it. This prisoner you want to read about is one of them.
There was a sermon recently delivered by one my Pastors and I will like to relay a portion of it to us and Here is it:

"I remember I told you the other time, when we used to go preaching in the maximum Prison in Kirikiri (Nigeria maximum Prison, Lagos), about the condemned cell. For those in the condemned cell, their day is night, and their night is day. So when you get there in the day, they're all sleeping. You can't preach to anyone. But when you get there in the night, they are all awake from 7pm. Because, from that time they could come pick any of them for the noose (to be hanged) . Then they will be awake praying, that whoever they'll come and pick, they'll all see.

So a certain man came to the condemned cell with his two eyes opened, but in the condemned cell he became blind. There was this day I went with the trustee of my church, and we went to pray. After the prayer, the trustee said, "look, you people here would be set free." They were wondering how it could happen. Set free? Yeah, you'll all be set free, he said. Not quite a few weeks later, they were moved. They were told that they were moving them from the condemned cell arena to the general cell.

When you move a man from the condemned cell to general cell, that's freedom for him, in prison term. It means they have been pardoned. So when they were asked to 'move', they were all rejoicing, because they knew that a pardon had come. But this man that was blind said: "but I wouldn't know my way in the general cell, can I remain in the condemned cell? I know this place (the condemn cell) before I was blind. I knew how to go to toilet, to where I would eat, but in the other place I wouldn't know my way."

Because he was blind, even when freedom came he said "I don't know my way round there." What a horrible situation!

WHEN OUR EYES ARE NOT OPEN, WE REMAIN IN THE PLACE OF DEFEAT. And one major encounter we can all have if for God to open our eyes to move from the place of failure, the place of gloom to the place of Glory."
That was it.

Now listen to me. You remember the Israelites? They said Moses would have left them in Egypt where they used to have their three square meals, though under slavery. How pathetic!

I'm sure it's same with this generation. So many would like to remain in the night crying rather than welcoming the joy that comes with the morning.

Some are deep in poverty that they don't know the difference anymore. Some hopeless situation, dejection, rejection, failure, disappointment, limitation, defeat, has become a norm for the majority. This is the age where I see that people only want to eat! Once their belly is filled they don't think that there is a thing ever called abundance.

"When hunger is out of poverty, poverty is nothing much, they say."

It's as if we've learnt how to manage our worthless life into the grave! Is it not?
One thing is sure: no matter where you are today, God has a better place for you. A pardon is coming to you to move from your place of weeping, helplessness, defeat, hopelessness, pain, agony, disappointment, gloom, doom and despair to a place of fulfilment, glory, peace, joy and happiness that last. A place of abundance!

There is a place called tomorrow where anything is achievable.
Leave your condemned cell today!

Prayer: Lord I claim your freedom from every bondage i'm faced with, financially, maritally, academically, career and health wise, in Jesus name.