Love Messages Like a Love Song

For you i will write a love song
to where can i hide from a love this strong
my promise is to never do you wrong
never to abandon you, always to carry you along
this love is not short term promise to love you for long

I said it before and i say it again
my love is for free there's nothing to bargain
to be your comfort whenever you feel pain
to see you happy is my only true gain
I said it before and I've said it again

Lets fly together am a good pilot
lets reach for the sky&leave behind horses and chariot
i promise you peace and love not commotion and riot
I'll stay faithful to you, never to be your Judas Iscariot

If i ever say never
it would be; Never to break your heart
whenever i say never
i must be saying; I'll never tear us apart
I will always say never
to anything ever that ever tries to keep our love from lasting forever

If i shed a tear for every time i miss you
I'd by now formed an ocean named after you
for every hours, minutes & seconds spent without you
I'm incomplete like the list of Alphabets without U