Some relationships would have lasted and witnessed avalanche of bliss, if simple rules were followed.

Do you wonder how God had sent Adam and Eve out for eating fruit? Just fruit!

It's simple: every relationship that will see the light of success must play by the rules.

He told you, "Lady, I don't like this. Whenever you do this, you make me sad" and then she warned, "My man, doing this and that to me tears my heart apart." Isn't that simple enough to follow? But many wouldn't. We would think, "Even if I do the worse, my partner wouldn't leave." What an error and a forbidden fruit we are plucking!

My friend, you want your relationship to last? Regard every rules set by your partner and it shall be well with you. "Serpents still bite those who break the hedge, even in relationship."
Never think, Is it not just this fruit: is it not just this slap; just taking you for granted; this romance and sex she warned you of? Nothing will happen and he/she would understand. You're of all men/women to be pitied!
Don't wait until you are sent out of fulfilment before you change your ways.
May God bless the hearts that choose to play by the rules.