People say overtime that real friends are hard to find, and I can tell you it's wrong.

Just now, you might be thinking "But why did that relationship not last?" People are actually telling you how good you are and how you've helped their lives to be better and yet you can't fathom why the rudder of your last relationship was missing.

This is it: so many people are blinded by their self-defeated lives that when real friends come, they don't know.

Everyone has their part to play in getting real friends. If you are not real, how do you expect to find real friends? The deep calleth unto the deep so the scripture says.

You can't live a lie and want truth to be your ally. You'll be wrong!

Your disposition, character, ways of life are pointer to whether you'll find real friends or not.
Even when you find one, those afore-mentioned guards are the dependent factors of whether you'll keep them or not.

One major thing that could make someone lose real and quality friend is Character. When you offend a friend and they decide to end the relationship with you, you'll be like they don't have forgiven spirit. Why don't you too have Error-free spirit? before you tackle me for saying that, yes i know, no one can be error free, Why I used that was people don't want people to get angry and yet they offend them. We are wired differently and we all have levels of maturity. So instead of expecting your friends not to get angry when you offend them, you should learn how not to make them angry

One truth is: Real friends are not hard to find, but they are hard to keep.

By Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti