How TO Ask Your Boss To Increase Your Salary

If there is one thing that a man cannot have enough of, it is money, everyone wants money and more money, no matter how much money they already have, the rich only wants to get richer while the poor and the needy wants to get rich, everyone wants money.

The same can be said of your salary, you always want more, you want an increase in your pay, for some of you reading this, it’s just a case of wanting more, because what you earn already is what some people are praying for, but like everyone you just want more, while for others reading this it’s a case of need, you need an increase in that salary, because its increasingly becoming difficult to keep body and soul together because the salary is no longer enough and it is for this reason that we need to find a way for you to ask your boss for that raise.
If you think asking your boss for an increase is impossible, then you better just quit reading right now because the category of people am talking to here are those who know they add value to the company they work, those who they play a key role in the daily running of that company, am talking to those who knows that if they were to leave the company today, the impact of their absence will be felt, for those who have the confidence and are never afraid to stand before their boss, if you fall into this category of people who knows the company they work is making profits and yet there has been no salary increase, then its time you walked up to your boss, tell him exactly why you think you deserve the raise, let him know how much your pay has become insufficient for you and how much the financial pressure could put a negative pressure on your job performance, be confident about your demands, you would be amazed what can happen.
The key thing here is your confidence, your strong reasons, and the fact that you need it and not just wanting an increase unnecessarily, you see a lot of times bosses know employees that deserves an increase and the ones that don’t, and if you are surrounded by more of colleagues that do not necessarily deserve an increased pay, you may never get an increase if you don’t ask, even if the company only increase salary across board and not on individual basis, you asking might be the reason why the increase will happen to everyone.
Remember, ask and you shall receive, the worst case scenario is that you would get a No, I am yet to hear of anyone that was sacked because he asked for a salary increase, you can get a Yes, a No, it could be a not now response or better still your boss could say he would consider it and get back to you, all in all, you will get a response and your confidence will be boosted for daring to do what a lot of well deserving employees are afraid to do.
You know your boss better than I do, use discretion and don’t let your confidence fail you; you deserve something better than what you are getting