Interesting True Life Fictions

My Landlord is an Armed Robber

The house was a storey building, well built, with a massive gate at the entrance, it was colorfully painted in a deep chocolate and cream color and the manner of the painting was such that, the house looked like a giant chocolate cake ready to be eaten and indeed i was ready to eat up the house literally because as soon as i stepped into the compound i fell in love with the house and i knew i was going to take the house , after waiting for about ten minutes with the estate agent that brought me to the house, the landlord came down to meet us, he looked to be in his forties, with a large bu

Captured By Ritualist & Returned to Town to Die (My True Story)

The series of events I'm about to narrate to you are very shocking and the shock is of the nature that I to whom it happened I'm yet to recover from the shock and the other people i went through this predicament with are not alive now because they could not live with the shock and death was the consequence of telling people what they saw and even myself, narrating the story put me at the throes of death only the power of prayers kept me alive, i know you are aware there are very wicked people around us what you might not know is just how close they are and how desperate they are to get huma

Captured By Ritualist & Returned to Town to Die 2 (My True Story)

Most of the people looked very weak and they were oblivious to our presence, there were more young ladies among them, myself and those that were with me started crying and begging for our lives, the young man who presented himself as my client soon joined us and assured us nothing was going to happen to us, all they needed us for was to prepare the food for the party coming up the next day, the butchers that i took along where told that they would kill as many of the people there that the priest handed over to them and that the humans were going to be meat that we the cook will use in prepa

The Dead Baby (A Mother's Greatest Nightmare)

The saying "better safe than sorry" is a valid one that every one should keep to heart at all times, in this age of kidnappers abducting people for ritual purposes, in these times when armed robbers attack with more sophisticated weapons like never before, in these age when public office holders are more interested in looting public funds than providing social amenities, it is imperative for everyone to keep their eyes opened and be more careful than ever before, having said that, let me tell you this story the very way it happened, for me, sharing this story is an indeed very painful exper