Captured By Ritualist & Returned to Town to Die (My True Story)

The series of events I'm about to narrate to you are very shocking and the shock is of the nature that I to whom it happened I'm yet to recover from the shock and the other people i went through this predicament with are not alive now because they could not live with the shock and death was the consequence of telling people what they saw and even myself, narrating the story put me at the throes of death only the power of prayers kept me alive, i know you are aware there are very wicked people around us what you might not know is just how close they are and how desperate they are to get humans to use for their wicked evil purposes.

I'm a caterer by profession and i have quite a long list of clients i have provided my service for, catering for my clients party dishes is my job and i do it very well, my expertise and the quality of my cooking gets me client on a regular basis and often times i get called by people who gets my contact from their friends who have been serviced by me before and so when a prospective client called me on this fateful day, asking me to provide catering service for their party, it was impossible for me to suspect that i was about to be pulled into the dark world of ritualist.

The man i spoke to sounded like a young man and he told me he was calling on behalf of his mum, who was busy putting things together for the surprise birthday party that was been planned for the dad, we agreed on price, the day we were to meet and the number of people they wanted me to bring along, they requested for butchers and girls that will serve dishes and those that will support me in the cooking, we agreed to meet at a particular bus stop, i met my team at the bus stop and the client soon joined us, the young man who had been talking to me via phone came in a 16 seater Toyota bus, air conditioned and with tinted glasses, he greeted us warmly and the atmosphere in the bus was already party like, with loud music blaring from the car stereo, we met four other men in the bus who chatted heartily among themselves, nothing seemed out of place, little did i know our journey into the belly of darkness was just starting

One hour into the journey, somewhere along the Lagos Ibadan express way, the music was stopped the men behind stopped chatting and my client the young man that sat on the passenger seat beside the driver, told us we were close to the venue of the party but our faces has to be covered so we couldn't see the route the bus would take, the information immediately got us into a panic state and the four men that sat behind brought out guns that looked like the type used by the military, we immediately kept quiet, the young man assured us they were not going to harm us, they handed us piece of clothes like pillow case that we used to cover our faces.

We soon resumed the journey and after two hours of the most agonizing bus ride of my life, the bus ground to a halt and we alighted from the bus not knowing what was to befall us, we found ourselves in a large cleared section of a forested area, we could have been anywhere, the place didn't look like a makeshift place, but it looked well planned and well used, we were directed towards another section of the clearing and led down a flight of stairs which led into an underground bunker, where we saw hundreds of people all bound in another section of the bunker where an evil looking altar was erected, the altar was mostly bloody and a sinister looking priest wearing only loin clothe chanted continuously there
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