Why Some People May Never Get Rich

The dictionary app bundled with my android device gives the definition of "the rich" as "someone who has a lot of money and valuable possessions" I like that definition and quite a number of things can be drawn from it, one is that being rich is relative because what is a lot of money to you may not be a lot to another person, just like 5million may be a lot to you but not a lot to bill gates, but that doesn't make your own "a lot" less valuable, so whatever stage you are in life, you are rich, but having said i know you want to be richer than you currently are and so does a lot of people, but truth be told some people may never become rich and you happen not to be in among that group of people because with the kind of information i push in your face everyday, you just gotta be rich.

Why Some People May Never Get Rich

there are four reasons why some people may never get rich, the first one is this

They have never learned how to make enough money:

in school we are taught how to read, how to write, how to solve maths and all the rest but we were never taught how to make money, the only thing everyone gets indoctrinated into is how to get a job, receive a salary, get promoted, get a better job, get a better salary and that's all, but thus far has that made you as rich as you really want to be? yes it has put food on your table, but is life all about food and drink? There are five ways that i know of that i know of to make money, every other method of making money falls under these five broad categories
1. Go into business: it wont make you rich automatically but it is the fastest way to get rich and majority of the richest people in the world got rich through this.
2. Get a job: you are probably doing that already, but only a small fraction of people get really rich by doing 9 to 5 jobs and even then there must have been a leverage
3. Invest your savings: with lots of patience, right investment and financial skills this could make you rich
4. Obtain riches Illegally; this is by far the fastest way to get very rich, a lot of politicians are doing it, fraudsters, thieves, money ritual but when a person gets caught, the poverty that would embrace the person would be a lot worse than if he had done nothing at all.
5. Inherit or marry it: if you are lucky enough to have rich parents or happen to marry a spouse whose parents are rich then you can rich by proxy in this manner, it is by far the easiest
whichever one you chose to employ be very sure you learn how to make money in more ways than just the current one you are currently using.

Second one is

They have never learned how to keep money:

some people know how to make money and they make quite a sum but they turn out poor, begging or borrowing because they don't know how to keep their money or rather save their money, a person who makes 5000 on a daily basis will by the end of the month have made about 150,000 but if the person spends all the 5000 in one day by the end of the month he/she will have nothing, everyone needs to learn how to keep money, sometimes money is like a bird that comes to a person regularly and if a person doesn't find a way to keep the money just because the money comes everyday, one day that bird might not just return and then that person soon becomes friends with poverty.

third one is

They have never learned to use money wisely:

remember our earlier definition of "the rich as someone who a has a lot of money and VALUABLE POSSESSION"? how valuable the possessions you use your money to obtain when you have it will determine how well the money will last, some people make money but they use it foolishly and soon enough poverty and lack turns them to foolish beggars, a person who obtains a loan to buy a car will soon realize it to be a big mistake, use your money on things that can help you make more money and even if it will not necessarily make you more money let it not empty your pocket of that which is already there.

the fourth one and not the least is

They don't know God:

this is by far the the most important and number one but i chose to put it last because if it was the first thing i mentioned, you might never have read it, because you might say you know a lot of rich people who do not know God, well, that's true, but then what they lack is peace of mind and real happiness and its only God that can make you and happy at the same time, even a fat salary paying job still put untold stress on some people and robs them of time to spend it and don't be like those who say "I'll rather be crying in a range rover sport than laughing and smiling in a rickety commercial bus" the choice is yours though, but remember there are people who will suffer if you don't get any richer than you currently are because God has assigned you as the channel through which they should get blessed, you just need to open your eyes to see opportunities around you. Get rich or get richer