I've seen Pastors, seeing their fruits, whose divine calling were doubted by people.
In same way have I seen couples that boldly said God showed them their spouses but whose marriages ended in divorce.
Then I ask, "Could it really be true, that God actually called them or actually chose spouses for them?"
Since you know it was true that Jesus asked Peter to come on the water, yet he almost sank, then the answer to those is "Yes, It could be true!"
That God has shown you a line of business, given you a talent, a spouse or has called you into ministry is not enough to 'ground' their respective successes.
Sometimes we relay a portion of the scripture and asked "Could it really be true, that God meant this for me? It is indeed true.
Just that for every sweet rice there is an attached price.
Choice, Price and Core Values are three wise men one would have to follow and take heed to, if one decides to hit success in the end.
And you see: you can't get anything worthwhile done without them.
Negligence, carelessness, pride, unforgiving spirit, indecision, laziness, indiscipline, living a "goalless" life, will only lead you to the palace of REGRET!

Moreover, when you read that this is the day that the Lord has made, and yet you launch out and end up being sorrowful in the evening, what would you think is missing? It is the phrase: "I will rejoice and be glad in it!" And this is born out of choice.
It is indeed true that He's created us as heads to dominate, and to be above only. So choose to live in the realisation of it. Else you'll be beneath only!

Finally, decide to choose joy unspeakable today: my million dollar piece of advice!
Smile still does it :) :) :)

By Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti