In Coma For 3 days After Tragic Accident Caused By Sexy Club Girl

After drinking all night with my guys and frolicking with barely dressed girls in the club, i finally decided to go home, it was 3:00 am and i was very drunk, i picked one of the girls that had been by my side all night in the club, as drunk and Leary eyed as i was, my eyes were clear enough to choose from among the girls, the one that had the biggest breast, she was allover me and soon enough i knew i was going to be all over her.

we got into my car and she could barely get her hands off me, pulling at my shirt, draping her arms all over me like sh wanted to get under my skin, i drove as fast as the car could go, it was the middle of the night, the road was free, the street lights was not working and it was dark as usual, my car's headlight was at the brightest and it was just enough to see the road in front of me, i began to think about the very bad things i was going to do to the girl beside me, she was just as drunk as i was and that made for a very good combination, i looked at her, where she sat on the passenger's side and i saw she was beginning to remove her already barely there top, things were turning out to be more interesting than i planned, i took a quick glance on the road just to be sure i was not already driving into the gutter, my eyes quickly went back to the girl, eager to feast on her body with my eyes, my eyes met her just when her top was about to fully expose her buxomness, another quick glance on the road brought a momentary clarity&horror to my eyes, but it was too late to react, the car crashed head on into another oncoming car and that was the last thing i saw.

I opened my eyes and i found myself in thick darkness, the darkness was so thick, it felt as though one could cut it with a knife, i almost thought i had gone blind, but blindness would soon be the least of my worries as i was soon to find out. While i was grappling with the reality of my predicament, i was grabbed roughly out of the darkness, by four hands that felt like the skin belonged to that of a lizard or crocodile, paralyzing fear came over me and i screamed at the top of my voice, the creatures or whatever it was dragged me roughly along in the darkness, they made no sound and as we moved further in the darkness it became hotter and so did my screaming and begging got louder, but my escorts just kept mute.

We soon got to the edge of a very large pit, the pit was so large i could not see the end of it, the heat at this point was intense it was as though fire was burning inside me, i finally had a look at the creatures and they looked like a cross breed between a gorilla and a crocodile, i have never seen such a face as ugly and terribly looking as their faces. I begged them not to throw in the pit, but it was obvious they were delighted and happy to see me begging, all along the edge of the pit i saw other creatures throwing people into the pit, the number of people getting thrown into the pit was alarming, the scream of pain and anguish that bellowed from the pit was horrific, my mind went back to my friends, the club and the girls, i was jostled out of my thoughts when the creatures threw me hard and far into the pit, i screamed as i went, i landed into the hot flames, with a loud thud raising fiery sparks as i fell into utter damnation.

I suddenly found myself in the hospital, i opened my eyes slowly, i saw my mother, she was praying, my sneeze caught her attention and on seeing my opened eyes she called the doctor. I was told how badly injured i was after the crash and that I've been in a coma for three days and the hospital was already planning to give up on me, but my mother never gave up on me and had been praying for me since, i asked about the girl in the car with me and i was told there was no other person in the car except me, i was shocked to hear that, the girl that was with me in the car when the crash occurred was not found in the wreckage, the club girl i was taking home that night was no girl but a spirit and i had gone home with plenty of them in the past.
After several months in the hospital, i was discharged on a wheel chair, my legs were paralyzed, but i was more than happy to be alive, happy i got a second chance after catching a glimpse of Hell, happy i got a chance to share my story with you.
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