Do Not Offend The Wrong Person; Know Who You Are Dealing With

Come to think of it, why would you even want to offend anyone? truth is we get offended and we offend people on a daily basis as well, so its really a part of life, even the Bible says, Offense will surely come but woe to him through whom offense come Luke 17:1, when you commit an offense at work or at home do you get an applause for it? surely that's the explanation of the woe here, but it becomes even more woeful when you offend the wrong person, see there are different kind of people in life even identical twins do have their differences, in whatever sphere of life you find yourself choose your opponents or your competition very well and be sure you know whom you are dealing with, because people react differently to circumstance, so you don't want to deceive or outsmart someone that would hunt you down for revenge for the rest of your lives.
This even applies a lot more to guys who think they can take advantage of ladies, sleep with them and run off, well it might "work well for you" until you will try it with that one girl that will change everything for you and that might bring the greatest regret ever, lest analyze the different kind of people out there and how to go about dealing with such people whether in business or whatever relationship you find yourself, i do not mean man woman relationship, life itself is an embodiment of several relationships.

The Arrogant & Proud Man
The Hopelessly Insecure Man
Mr. Suspicion(Dangerously Suspicious)
The Serpent With A long Memory
The Simple, Plain, Unassuming, Often Unintelligent Man
Final Words

The Arrogant & Proud Man: This type of people are one of the most dangerous type of people to offend, yes, very dangerous, truth is on an initial contact they might seem nice in that they might disguise their touchy pride, but any sign that shows you are downgrading or downsizing them in any way will provoke a very explosive and overwhelming vengeance and you would be like "but what i said was not hurtful, what i did was not bad, we were only joking and all that....", it wont matter at that time to a proud and arrogant person whose pride has been hurt they don't think when they get angry, so whatever it is you are planning to get from such a man as soon as you sense some form of over sensitivity you better run, it really is not worth it.

The Hopelessly Insecure Man: Okay an insecure is a close relation of the arrogant and proud, but only less overwhelming when they react, but i must warn you, if you deceive or attack an insecure man, his reaction may not be explosive but be sure he would attack you in such a bite size manner that you wont notice how much of a damage he has done to you until it is too late, if you ever offend people of this nature, stay away from for a long time

Mr. Suspicion(Dangerously Suspicious): A suspicious person often times sees only what he already has in his mind and that most often than not is always the bad side of everything and everybody, the good thing is you can always work such a persons suspicion to your favor, a suspicious can be very easy to deceive when you play on their suspicion, but be very careful when you are in the line of a dangerously suspicious persons target, you might be in for trouble

The Serpent With A long Memory: A highly dangerous person to offend, when offended or deceived this man does not show it at all, on the surface that is, rather he would wait in a calculating manner for the right time, and when that time appears he would attack you and pour out his vengeance in such a cold blooded manner you may not survive it, worse thing is you would have forgotten what you did, such people can be known by their very calculating, cunning and cold nature in how they handle their everyday activities, be very careful of such people and be sure to take them out of the way completely or just stay clear of them outrightly.

The Simple, Plain, Unassuming, Often Unintelligent Man: Wanting to deceive can be very tasking not because he could attack you in vengeance or malice, but a such a person as this will waste your time, your resources and you will sure get spent trying to get anything out of such a person, he's not smart enough to be suspicious so you cant play on his suspicion, he's just there he's simple and can be very difficult to read such a person, your sanity will be at risk if you want to deceive such a person you continue at your own risk

Final Words: To round off on this discussion, really you should try as much as possible to resist the urge to want to offend or deceive people at all, it may not always have pleasant consequences and if you must do, understand that in judging people never follow appearances a lot of time people mask their true nature and true feeling by outward facade of kindness don't be deceived, also when measuring the strength or weakness of an opponent never follow your instincts, that will cost you immensely, your best bet is to study your opponent for as long as it would take.

Another thing is turning people down, don't ever be rude when turning people down however annoying their request might be, never turn a person down with an insult except you know them well enough, DON'T OFFEND THE WRONG PERSON.
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