The Best Way To Make Money On The Internet Part1

How to make money online is one of the most searched item on the Internet, the desire to make money online is so strong that people are going out of their way to manipulate so many tools to get it done, another thing I'm pretty certain of is this, you are also interested in making money on the Internet, oh you are wondering, how do i know?, because you are reading this, and i also know you have read countless volumes on how to make money on the Internet.

Anyway now that you are here, let me not bore you with unnecessary preamble lets go straight to the point, the beauty of making money on the Internet is that you can make money while you sleep, but i must tell you its never an overnight money explosion and effort would be required from you and you would require to spend a little before you can effectively kick start your online money making business, i must make it clear though, what i want to make open to you will not necessarily require you to pay anyone other than payment for the services you will require to get things rolling, services like domain registration, web hosting and the likes

I could go ahead to give you a long list of the few very effective ways to make money on the Internet, but i will stick with just one of them and that is blogging! yes blogging, oh are you surprised? or are you like "i know that already?" well whatever it is you are feeling i will lay things out here like you know nothing about blogging and if you already know something, don't leave yet because you might catch something here you didn't know before.

I try as much as possible not to use the term blogging, why? well because i don't like the way the word sounds in my ears and also because i do blog now but i dont like to call myself a blogger, but that's what everyone calls it and that's the cliché, so lets just stick with that. so we'll look at it under these headings

What is Blogging
Who can Blog

Blogging: basically this is just a term used in referring to the use of the internet as a means of expressing your views or knowledge about certain topics and to do that by setting up a website which you put up for that purpose only, the diffrence between a blog site and a generic site, say for example a company site, is that, a blog often centers around certain topics or discussions, while a company site will only be up to give more information about the company. An example of a blog site will be a site dedicated to talking about health, it could be a relationship and dating discussion site, though the most blogs are created around news and gists and the likes, the categories are countless and the good part is you can do this while still doing your current job and if you do not have a job, you can set it up as a full time job, after all, you studied something in school and you can create a blog around that, and writing stuffs around what you studied in school would be effortless for you.

Who Can Blog?: Well like is stated above, you can setup a blog along with your current job, to augment whatever you are collecting in salary, even as an undergraduate you can also blog, there are countless numbers of young men making money on the Internet doing nothing but just blogging, if you were making between 300-500 euros per month, and you can even make more, the amount you make is all a function of how much time and resources you can put into it.

Requirements: Okay so what are the requirements? firstly you would need to tell yourself this is not a get rich quick scheme, one you can settle that in your mind, you can work objectively on the business.
this is the first part of this series and i will continue in the next part and am hoping you won't miss out on the next series, in the mean time keep an open mind about how to make money on the Internet, if you can think it, you can live it.
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