Romantic Love Messages For Her / Him

as a mother's love for her child
so is my love for you my bride
through thick and thin
my love for you will never grow thin
committed to only you
no matter what I'll always love you

still glad it was you i chose
ever grateful it was you i chose
your love your commitment to us it shows
our love our bond it grows
our best is yet to come Gos knows

sleep with this in mind
i love you and for you i don't mind
let this always be in your heart
i cherish you like my own heart
have a nice nite and a nicer morning
it's you I'll always be loving

to the woman i love and want to wed
i say sorry for the things i said
take this as a kiss to the forehead
as you take sweet memories of us to bed
i love you now and until my hair turn Grey on my head

my love is true not to be doubted
my love is for you not to be discarded
i love you for you nothing is to be painted
i love me and you never to be parted
a sweet nite to you, enjoy your sleep and get rested