Beware Facebook Can Make You Envious, Jealous and Depressed

You log into Facebook like you normally do, looking through the news feeds and the cool updates, photos and statuses posted by your friends and the very many pages you have liked and the sponsored post displayed by Facebook and then you come across a few friend suggestion, you see a name that looks familiar, you click on it and the person turns out to be a friend from way back in high school whom you have not seen for about 10 years, you add him up as a friend and decide to look through his info, pictures and his wall post, you find out he's working with a blue chip company, perhaps she's a lady and you find out she's married, you also see pictures of your friend on vacation in exotic places, pictures with his/her family looking good and doing good and you also see statuses that depicts your friend is having a wonderful life.

And every other time you come across impressions like that and whenever you see these things you look back at your own life and from what your friends depict on Facebook your own life is a direct opposite, you seem not to level up to most of your friends, they have good jobs, they post pictures of themselves in the office, you've got no job, they post pictures of them with their families, girl friends, boyfriends, you are lonely and by yourself, every picture your friends seem to post always show them looking good and you cant even upload your own picture rather what you have as your profile picture is that of your favorite celebrity.

Research has shown that constant exposure to such, will soon start making you develop envy towards your friend, soon you cant help getting jealous of them and afterwards depression sets in because every time you see your friends on Facebook, you never seem to measure up to them, in truth these may not be something you will suddenly become aware of because its a sub conscious thing.

So then what should you do? seeing that social networking sites are here to stay and almost impossible to stay away from them since it drives so many businesses these days, my own personal advice is that you have a good sense of yourself and not get dragged into a race because of what you see your friends post on Facebook, another option is don't log into Facebook when you are in bad mood, because seeing how well others are doing when you are feeling terrible will only add to your troubles.

In conclusion, understand that facebook is virtual world, what you see may not always be real and even when they are real, you must know that fingers are not equal and in due time, with due diligence from you, your own success will manifest