How To Use Your Facebook Reputation&Popularity To Make Money

Facebook makes money every time you visit the site, for every time you refresh a page or open a link on facebook, the site makes money, isn't it just fair that you make your own share of the money too, it's up to you though, you might be satisfied with just posting statuses on facebook and getting your friends to like and comment on your posts but if you want more than that and have the understanding that it's not a get rich overnight scheme like you see all over the Internet, then follow me through this article as we analyze together.

By definition Facebook is a micro blogging social networking site and by that it means if you own a facebook account and you post statuses every now and then on facebook then you are a blogger, it doesnt matter how short or long your posts are. the only thing is you have been helping facebook keep people on the site with the stuffs you posts that your friends interact with, so if you are the type that has a very active account on facebook with a friend list starting from 1000 as well as very active facebook friends that interact well with your posts, then its time to take advantage of this.

When you login to facebook, facebook would ask you "whats on your mind?" and you go ahead to post what's on your mind and it stays on facebook, but for me whenever i have something on my mind (like this write up) i post it on my website, post a part of it along with a link to my site on facebook, my friends see my post but it doesn't stay there, the link brings them back to my site and on my site the presence becomes traffic and this traffic converts to money, from what i get paid by Google from the impressions and clicks on the adverts on my site, pretty interesting isn't it? a lot of people have a very high following and loyalty on facebook yet they don't make anything of it.

You might like to write about, sports, entertainment, gossips, movies, relationship, inspiring stuffs, religious talks or even academics, whatever it is you like to write about, you can do it on your own site, instead of just wasting your writing resources on facebook and just helping to keep facebook continually rich, if you have your own website, loaded with unique and very useful contents, you apply for Google adsense and when approved adverts starts showing on your site and the starts starts rolling in, with as low as 1,500 (for Nigerians) you can get your own fully customized, top level domain or .com or .org on Google GNBO platform you can click on this link to register your and from there you can get a full domain, see a sample here, if you need my help you can always contact me and i can help you through with the setup and building of your site at little cost.

I will write a full article on how to use the dashboard of the site builder of the Google GNBO platfrom soon, in the mean time use this information very wisely and act quickly