Before you marry her/him as the case maybe, be sure you are not an Adam marrying a Steve or be very certain you are not an Eve marrying a Evelyn, funny right? But truth be told a lot of men are losing the core features that makes them a man and that is why so many marriages are headed into trouble waters even before its starts, and vice versa, many women are increasingly losing their identity as women, it’s hard to know now whether some people are men or women, I’m not talking dressing wise or fashion wise here, I’m talking psychological and mental wise, it’s a no wonder you hear songs like ‘’ you’ve got to act like a woman think like a man (the song by Jennifer Hudson feat Neyo).
That is a blatant deception, you can’t think like a man and act like a woman doing that will make a person liable to see a psychiatrist, because as a person thinks in his/her heart so is he/she.
For The Man
Before you marry her be sure she is a woman, I’m not saying verify in the physical state, even that is difficult to do now, with all the advance sex change procedures available now, a man can be completely transformed into a woman, complete with all the bodily features of a woman (breast, sexual organ as well as figure 8) so don’t be deceived, what I’m talking of is the psychology, women are naturally wired to be emotional, as much as that nature of theirs can be annoying sometimes ( apologies to my woman) it is what makes them woman, if it wasn’t for the emotional nature of woman, no woman having gone through the painful rigor of child birth will get pregnant again, you think of it, is it logical To go through something that almost kill you and still let it happen to you again? (kudos to women), so if you find a woman that is seemly void of that emotional factor, you better avoid her, emotions here is not anger or jealousy because these two are emotions too.
For The Woman
Before you marry him, be sure he is a man, I know he is good looking, got a great job and drives a car, good for him and good for you, but all that doesn’t make him a man, a man must be disciplined by that I mean a man must be principled and responsible, there are so many undisciplined, irresponsible good looking, got a great job and drives a car men out there, an undisciplined man can make marriage very terrible for a woman because its takes a man of discipline to accommodate the emotional highs and lows that women are very prone to, marry a man not a she-man, women must learn to appreciate how hard it can be sometimes to get through logical thinking of a man, it is men that lacks logic and does not think that will impregnate the house girl and sleep with their sisters and even now some sleep with their daughters, so please marry a man not a woman.
There’s no perfect man and there is no perfect woman but that is still not an excuse to marry a man or woman that lacks the foundation qualities of the former or latter.