Good Morning Messages for BF and GF

Here comes another morning,
Happiness and joy it brings,
Another time to have a chance
To make you feel you’re in my heart.
Good morning!

My heart fell in love with your smile;
My mind got attracted towards your eyes
And I am totally mad at you babe!
Good Morning, I love you so much!

I am experiencing the life with a rainbow,
am jumping and flying out of joy
to get you in my life as my girl.
I don’t know where I roam, why I smile;
I even forget my age and act like a kid.
It’s all because of the love
I have on you baby.
Love you so much!

Dream is an uncertain thing;
I was with the same thought until I met you.
You are my dream, it became true and
yes you are my dream come true.
Good Morning.