God admit that sometimes He hideS His face from us, even at a point on the cross he turned His back on Jesus because He could not behold the filthiness of the sin of the whole world that He carried. That tells us that sometimes when God seems distant from us it might just be that sin is close. And if it be so the best thing to do is to place our life in His hands as Jesus did on the cross. For you to fill the gap that you feel between you and God, what to do is to move closer because God has not taken a step backward it is you that have probably pick a race from Him. On the Other hand if God turn as a result of sin in your life, you will still run to His hands for cleansing. No matter the cause of the illness it is still the doctor that a patient will run to, so don’t forsake God when He is there with you.

After you have run to Him don’t just stay there feeling guilty or abandoned, don’t give an attitude of am speechless or all I can say is sorry. No, don’t act like that! Rather pour your heart to Him tell him exactly how you feel, talk to Him as if He were sitting right there beside. Let Him know you have repent but make Him understand why things went that way even though He already knows still tell Him because telling Him is not for Him to know but for you to release yourself from the bondage of guilty and have a fresh start with Him. Sometimes it is our reluctance to quickly run back to Him that drive Him further away from us.

After you have poured out your heart to Him, the next thing is to focus on Him without distraction. Spend quality time in His presence to refresh you, if possible fast and pray earnestly for renewal and fresh anointing. Sometime the cares of life has become so much that we forget to stir our self up in the spirit. We let the affairs of the world take all of our time so much that we forget the pillar that holds our life need us to keep us standing. God never change towards us it is us that always change in how we relate to Him, so focus on God and His unchanging nature and stop looking at the changes that has happen to you. Give Him your best make a decision to serve Him for real.
At times when we go wrong with God, we sometime think it has forfeit the promises He had already made to us but that not how it work. When God give you a word of promise it cannot go back to Him without coming to fulfillment, not even you can prevent it manifestation. A man that God has blesses no sin can cause, God is not a man that he should lie neither a son of man that He should repent. No word that proceeds from God to you will pass away without fulfilling what has been said. Trust God to keep His promises, never doubt His faithfulness because of your unfaithfulness.

Another thing you can do is to remember what He has already done for you. It is said that we should count our blessing one by one and it will surprise us what the lord has done. If you are thankful your tank will be full. Don’t think you worked for what you have remember He was at work in you. Don't see God's favour upon your life has a coincidence, forget all of His goodness is not fear on your part. Even if you think He has done nothing thank Him because it is a command, but there is no way He will not have done one thing or the other in your life. Is it for His mercy and faithfulness? Thank Him in songs and hymn, with a dancing offering, make a joyful noise to the lord, and testify to His goodness. Give of your substance to appreciate Him. Learn to focus on God especially when He feels at a distant. Isaiah 8, Heb 13:5