The Best Romantic Good Night Messages For Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

I will endure to the end for my princess
I don’t mind the stress,
for my one and only
I could take garri only.
You are my friend my princess
my one and only.
Love you so much dearie.
Good night

Sitting here thinking of you
wishing I could get a sweet hug from you
or hear that sweet voice of you
but you stop my thought when you made the wish come true.
I love you I really do
have a sweet night

Weekends and night time I miss you the most,
I love you like I love me it's not a boast,
for you I write this love toast
because it's you I love most
from the east to the west coast.
Miss you much

I may never find a word
even the best fails like a blunt sword,
heaven bear me witness even God
of my love for you, strong like a bound chord
simply put I love you true to God.
Sweet dreams.

My princess, sweetness, my angel so priceless,
my love for you is matchless,
my hugs and kisses for you is countless,
my commitment to you is doubtless,
to our endless love I say God bless.
Sweet night to you

a sweet night to my sweetheart
a goodnight to the one in my heart
sweet dream wishes to you from your friend at heart
love you

i miss you true and yes
i love you more nevertheless
take a little time to pray for us
as you close your eyes dream of us
love you dearly miss you the more dearly

lying here without you
about to sleep without you
far or near always in love with you
sweet dreams deary