I have seen people call Ignorance a disease but, it is something worse. To me, It is learning in the wrong way. I would also like to call it a timed bomb, such that will be self-detonated one day. And you know, bomb victims never live to pray for its experience anymore.

Comrade Ignorance never learnt. Having it is never better than having nothing.
And He that is with it is never in any sense better than the one with least of knowledge.
It is either one is ignorant of a truth, of an idea, of moral standard, name it!
Ignorance births limitation and one's loss of value before men.

Have you ever woke up on a morning and found grains of sand on the bed you laid a night before, in a well swept room and you wonder how it got there? I'm sure you have. That is how Ignorance lurks in our lives.

We always believe we have the best of knowledge at the tip of our fingers to frolick with but soon meet with a setback and yet we wonder how we are unable to forge ahead.

"My people perish because they lack knowledge:... (Hosea 4:6)
Conversely, my people perish for they are ignoramus.

You know what that means? It means the Postmortem of some would someday read "killed by overdose of Ignorance!"
It saddens me to see the youth of these days acquire false knowledge: the knowledge that add little or almost nothing to their fulfillment in life, yet they argue and even fight their way to defend their cause. You can't see far even if Ignorance is made into a binocular. Or maybe I should call it "Ignocular".

Read books, watch films, choose friends and do things that will set you on the path of fulfilment. And someday you will be celebrated.
True Talk?

By Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti