Romantic Good Morning Messages| Good Morning Love Messages

Good morning my love
My love my gift from god above
The one I place no one above
Except God above
The sun is a winner in the daytime
You my love is a winner all the time
This morning this daytime
Accept this as token of my love I’ll love you for all time
The night time gives way to the daytime
I’ll love you today and for all my lifetime
This morning one more time I say it one more time
I love you believe it all the time
In the morning when the sun goes shining
Its you I’ll be loving and into your eyes I’ll be looking
And this I’ll be saying I love you no forming
I’ll go the extra mile for you
Whatever you need I’ll buy double for you
But when the day breaks through
I’ll say good morning to you
With plenty of love I love you
Morning boo
The brightness of the morning light
Reminds me how for you my love is bright
Good morning my beautiful sunlight
Good morning my dear
Wish I have you here
But even as you are over there
In my heart you are here
Have a great day for you I’ll always care