5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Married


Just before you discard this as one of those uncalled for write ups, keep calm and read on, you can never be too prepared for marriage and you can never know too much regarding what it takes to get married and stay happily married, getting married, staying married and staying happily married are very different things, I'd rather that you experience the three and not just the first two, as so many people are beginning to find it difficult to stay through the level two. So before you commit to your sweetheart, lets do a refresher of those things we need to remind ourselves of before getting married, shall we?

1. Marriage is Permanent: Let this be the one thing you remind yourself everyday, marriage is permanent and you should treat it as such and which is why you must open your eyes, your heart and every faculty you need to open to make sure you make the right decision in choosing your life partner, even divorce cannot erase the permanence of marriage, getting a divorce cannot change the fact that one was once married to that particular person, dating for a long time, cohabiting for a long while is not the same as getting married, the moment you get married, there is a change that is both conscious and sub conscious that happens in your mind, so get it clearly.

2. You are Marrying His or Her Family as Well: It makes a lot of sense to plan ahead as to how you would handle your wife or husband's family once you are married because whether you like it or like it, you are marrying more than just your wonderful partner but his or her wonderful or terrible family as well, there are couples are thrown to the brink of divorce not because they have with issues with each other but issues with either the husband or wife's family, decide now if you would be able to cope with the kind of people your partner's family is, you both should come to an understanding of how you would relate to your families, truth is, not every one like the kind of families they come from and some people just want to get married and stay far from his/ her family, so if your partner is the type that is not so overly tied to his/her family good for you, if you don't plan ahead and get it clearly into your head that you are marrying his/her family, then you might be in for a shock, having said that though, marriage is between the two of you and it should stay like that, any other intrusion is a third party even your families.

3. Little Things Matter a Whole Lot More: During the period of courtship, when you and your partner see less of yourselves and have not experienced what it is like living with the other person, you would never know how little things could come to mean a lot to both of you, the little things we overlook that may mean a lot to our partner, how you hang your clothes, what you wear to bed at night, how you squeeze the toothpaste tube, how you joke with things your partner doesn't find funny, those little things of which there is an endless list of them, people feel a lot more hurt when certain things they can overlook are done to them by their spouse, on the contrary too, the little gestures of love will go a long way in keeping the spark of love alive in your marriage, remembering her birthday, telling her good the new hair looks, helping out with the children, in the kitchen and when she's not in her best mood, little things goes a long way.

4. It's No Longer Just You: So you like to do things alone and prefer to be independent and do things solo, well, sorry to bust your bubble as soon as you get married there cease to be anything like that, from the moment you get married to that man/woman every decision you take is taken in conjunction with your partner, doing contrary will cause problems, its not longer "my business" it becomes "our business", all the I, I, becomes we, we, you have gone from being a L.T.D to a P.L.C, so to say, you are now responsible for another individual and whether the person moves forward or backward in life will be tied to how much of an addition or subtraction you are to them and the good thing about been no longer just you is that you no longer have plan alone, you have a partner that can keep you up if you ever feel down, someone to confide in, to share your dreams and aspirations with.

5. Marriage is a Constant Work in Progress: Forget about what you see in romantic movies, its not going to be all about settling down and living happily ever after, yes you must sure be happy in your marriage, but as long as you are both married and still on this planet, there would be ups and downs, there would be the children, the in laws, your job and you will be learning new things about your partner as the years go on, and in all of that you would be careful no to take your marriage for granted or get over familiar with your spouse, there would be continuous taking stock and reviews of your life together, what you need to stop doing, what you need to keep doing, learning what works for your marriage and what doesn't work.

So there you have it, five out of the countless load of information you must be aware of before you get married, i definitely know you have a thing or two you can add to this list of mine, why don't you have a crack at it, comment below and lets learn from your own inclusions