Payment of house rent Is one of those things that gives so many people headache and some people will give anything to find it easier paying their house rent, the truth is, so many people blame their salary for the difficulty they experience in paying their house rent but I disagree with that, without any reservation whatsoever it is you that I blame for the very many times you have found it difficult paying your house rent, yes you, it is not your salary, it is not your landlord, neither is it your enemy from the village but you.

You are allowed to get angry if you do not like the way am being blunt, just don't stop reading yet, this are the reasons why I blame you, one, if you had taken extra time planning when you were about getting that apartment in making sure the monthly payment does not exceed 25% of your salary you will be better off now, but no, you wanted the best apartment money can get but your income is not the best a person should earn, having said that, now that you got the apartment, you do not have monthly arrangement for the payment but you wait till the rent is four month to due date before you start running around like the world is about to end, common, it's your rent we talking about here for crying out loud not your life sustenance fee (if humans were to start paying for that some people will still default)

So to easily pay your house rent, set aside a monthly percentage of your yearly rent from your salary, if your rent per year is say, 300,000 the monthly sum you should set aside is 25,000, doing this is the best bet to saving yourself the yearly hassle, but if you know a better way you can comment below and don't forget to share