Romantic Love Messages; Romantic Love Rhymes

When I think of you I write a rhyme
When I dream of you I write a song
My promise is to love you all the time
And I pray our love never go wrong

I hold you in high esteem
You and I we make the finest team
I’ll shower you with love and form a stream
To prove my love I’ll go the extreme

The beauty of your smile
Got me going the extra mile
Like the clear blue sky
So is the love I see in your eyes
I love you with so much passion
Like love is going out of fashion
Friends forever love you forever

On that day I will say I do
On that day I will make a vow to you
On that day I will tell the world I want to be with you
Never to leave you
Never to doubt you
Never to ever stop falling in love with you

I can’t help it
The way I feel I can’t hide it
For you I will I can’t stop it
My promise to you I won’t break it
Love you forever I won’t change it