Why Marriages Fail

Marriages fail for several reasons and i could go ahead to draw a long and almost endless list of why marriages fail, but then that would only bore you and make this an uninteresting read and so for the purpose of making this as concise as possible i will go straight to the point, one of the major reasons why marriages fail is SELFISHNESS, that sounds pretty simple right? and you are like, selfishness? how possible? but i can tell you categorically not because i am an authority on marriage but because i will give outright reasons that even you would end up agreeing with me on as to what makes selfishness the core reason why marriages fail.

Let's picture a scenario of two young couples, the husband comes back from work at about 6:00 pm and the wife normally gets back from work at 7:30 pm and it happens on a particular day when she happens to have been very busy at work she gets back home at 9:00 pm and as soon as she walks through the door, the husband is already fuming and boiling with anger and his next question is if didn't she see the time, he goes ahead to complain and rant about what was he supposed to eat while she stayed out that late all in the name of having so much to do at work, the whole thing turns into a shouting match when the wife as well tries to defend herself.

The above scenario could have turned out differently if the husband was selfless enough to get into the kitchen himself before the wife arrives and prepare something to eat which even the wife can eat out of when she gets back late, also if they both plan their life well enough, even before they eventually get married, such misunderstandings could be avoided, come to think of it, what would make you get back that early and yet would be waiting for someone to come after you to prepare food for you, is that not selfishness, i am not in anyway justifying laziness on behalf of any woman, but if the two parties involved in a marriage live selflessly enough there would be less conflicts in marriages because most conflicts in marriages predicates around frustration arising from unmet expectations, if only as a wife or husband you expect less and give more, there would be less brouhaha, it's just my own thoughts, you can always share your own thoughts by commenting below.