Youth is life's spring time. It is delightful to be alive, and to look forward to a life of happiness, success, and honor. However, my friend, these words has been prepared to warn you that you are surrounded by stream of evil and devilish influences which are seeking to corrupt you. The following confession of a young man is published as a sad warning.

My father died three month before I was born. All he left me was his good name, and all he left my mother was the memory of his love. My mother was a plucky little woman, and she got a job to support her and to take care of me. I grow up in the Sunday school and the church. On the day I graduated from high school, I received every honor it was possible for a young boy to get. I won the medal for being the best athlete. They gave me honor after honor, and my mother sat back there and smiled at me through her tears of joy.
After the prize giving was over the crowed flocked around me to congratulate me my mother striped away so that the people would not see her crying. Later I ran to our home, and mother was sitting there with tears of joy flowing down her face. I put my diploma and the medals in her laps, and lean down and kissed her tears away.
‘’What are you going to do now son?’’ mother asked me. I replied,’’ I am going to go to work and support you, mother’’ mother smiled and said, ‘’you are going to college.’’ ‘’how are mine going to college? I asked. ‘’I am going to send you’’, mother replied.’’ All your life I have saved a little money each week. I have enough to send you to the university of your choice!’’ my heart leaped for joy.

Before I left for the university my mother packed my trunk; and she put her own bible in my trunk, it was the bible she had read and marked, and prayed over and over which she had often wept. When I went to the university I was as pure as any person who as ever lived. In the dormitory I laid my mother’s bible on my table.
The student flocked around me and they called other student to come and see my bible. They said, ‘’we have a Christian boy come to college, and he has brought a bible with him!’’ ‘’he will get over that’’ one of them said ‘’just give him time’’. Let him get to the biology class. The biology professor will fix him. The bible is alright for country people, and for ignorant folks. But we have outgrown that ‘’. I paid no attention to them. I read my bible; I said my prayers; I went to Sunday school and to church.
Latter I entered the biology class. You have to hand it over to that teacher. He was a better psychologist than he was a biologist. He drop doubt about the truth of the bible into my mind every time I went to his class, little by little he broke down my resistance and I began to doubt God’s word, and after a while I lost my faith and dint believe in the bible anymore. I got to a place where I did not believe there is a God. I became miserable, but I tried to be decent for my mother's sake. I do love my mother.

But I found that I could not stay decent, I had lost the inward urge, I had lost the power to be good. Oh, I hate to have to tell you this, but one night I went out with the boys, and since then I have lived in awful sin. At times I have been drunk for weeks. I have gambled away the money my mother saved. I have gone out with wicked woman and my faith and my life is all ruined
This morning I received a letter from my mother, she will be here tomorrow. Oh, I can’t see her. She thinks I am pure, she thinks I am the same boys was when I left home. I could not stand to look into her eyes. If I did look at her, I could not kiss her, for I have an unspeakable disease. In the morning I am going to buy a gun and kill myself. If there is a hell as my mother bible says then it is not worse than the hell an in.
You are living in a day when evil men, for financial gain, are seeking to corrupt you. This young man life was ruined by the combined influence of modern theology, drinks, gambling, and immorality. I write on this subject because high immoral are been attacked through television plays, videos, immoral films, filthy literature, the liquor traffic, the drug traffic, advertising techniques, and community practice. The sad result can be read every day in our newspaper. God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap.

There is only one safe refuge from the power of sin and temptation, and that is for you to trust in the lord Jesus Christ as your own personal saviour. He invites you to come to him. His promise is, ‘’ he that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out’’. Come to him as a lost sinner, confessing your sins, trust in him as your saviour , make him your lord and master, confess him as such before your friends, and strive to serve him every day.


This is a great food for thought and a touchy. More of this will do great thing in my own life

I thank GOD you realise that JESUS is our Lord and saviour and turn back to him. Listen the world we are today that everybody need to have JESUS as his/her personal saviour because you don't know who is talking to you in the street, in school so my friends confine yourself and concentrete in our Lord JESUS CHRIST he ill help you.

This is quite revealing and sincerely hope that millions of people out there will get to see this and pass the message round.