Love Messages for My Lover

I see love in your eyes
you come close you give me butterflies
i cant explain this
yet i don't want to lose this
i just want to say this
i love you for real never to change this

i said never again
but am in love again
you've shown me love again
now am in love all over again
love is all there is to gain
i hope to never cry again

love lifted me
when heartbreak depressed me
love was all you showed me
now am glad you found me
i love you as much as you love me

i found you i found love
like a gift from God above
you are dear to me i place no one above
except God who gave you me from above
like a mother to her child so is our love

like nectar and butterflies
like the birds in the skies
like the morning and sunrise
so is you and i
i love the love i see in your eyes

i just want to say i do to you
i just want to tell the world am in love with you
your heart is my home
i just want to be with you
this is love like heaven
we are perfect like number seven

your love is food to my soul
am missing a rib you make me whole
like a square peg in a round hole
so is me without you
your love is music to my soul