48 laws of Power Series1

I want to believe the updates you have been receiving from us have been making positive impacts on you, this particular write up is the first in the series of a multi part write up, I'm particularly certain that if you can follow through on these laws, though not all of them though(since every law has got exceptions), you would actually see changes in certain areas of your life, i have my personal best among these laws, in these part 1 we would be listing the first 24 laws and in the next part, the last 24 laws and from then on we would start looking into the laws one after another am pretty certain you would have something to gain, the following are the first 24 laws of power as stated in the book 48 laws of power written by Robert Greene
1. Never outshine the master
2. Never put too much trust in friends; learn how to use enemies
3. Conceal your intentions
4. Always say less than necessary
5. So much depends on Reputation; Guard it with your life
6. Court attention at all costs
7. Get others to do the work, but always take the credit
8. Make other people come to you, use bait if necessary
9. Win through your actions, never through arguments
10. Avoid The unhappy and unlucky
11. Learn to keep people dependent on you
12. Use selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victim
13. When asking for help appeal to people's self interest, never to their mercy or gratitude
14. Pose as a friend work as a spy
15. Crush your enemy totally
16. Use absence to increase respect and honor
17. Keep others in suspended terror; cultivate an air of unpredictability
18. Do not build fortresses to protect yourself, isolation is dangerous
19. Know who you are dealing with do not offend the wrong person
20. Do not commit to anyone
21. Play a sucker to catch a sucker: play dumber to catch your mark
22. Use the surrender tactic transform weakness into power
23. Concentrate your forces