Your talent is that thing or those things that you can do very much easily and enjoyably than a lot of people, that thing that you find joy in doing and can almost do for free, it could be singing, song wrting, playing a musical instrument, writing, poems composition, counseling, teaching, acting, gisting, making friends, sports, academics, computing, its an endless list so much so you will marvel at the kind of skills that some people possess.

The internet is the world wide web, the digital airspace where the whole world meet as one global village (my own definition though), the relationship between your talent and the internet is such that you can create an internet platform to reach the world with your talent, I can give you countless instances of people who gained worldwide recognition because they took their talent to the internet, take me for example me, I know I can write well and so I took to the internet and this site has got a bunch of great write ups especially the romantic rhymes (not trying to feel cool with myself though) and in just six months the site has gained quite a following all over the world, Justin biber was discovered on the internet via YouTube, and the whole world knows him now, mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook was also very good in computer programming he took to the internet and we all know the story.

You can sing right? Why don’t you just record videos of you singing post it to youtube and see what happens, you like to gist and even gossip? Put up a website and do it there, linda ikeji is doing that and making money from it, you can as well, you can cook well? Some people cannot, put up a website, offer your recipes and even upload videos of you cooking for those who cannot cook, there is no talent you cannot “internetize” (no word like that) if you think you need help internetizing your talent just get in touch with me my profile is at the bottom of the website.

In the long run that which you can do and you create an internet spot for will either make money for you or fame for you in no time, use your talent you have no excuse