Love Messages Love Poems

I see my reflection in you
My other half I see in you
My completeness I find in you
Angel of my life that’s you

Your sweet smelling fragrance turns me into a nuisance
For instance in our love there is no distance
My love comes through no hindrance
No holding back love me back with no resistance

Round and round we go
Up and down we go
It’s you I love you know
Hold me tight never let go
Your love for me let it show
My love for you I’ll let the whole world know

I stayed awake thinking about you
In my sleeplessness I wrote a rhyme for you
A rhyme of how I feel about you
Of how for you my love is true
This I promise you
To love you like I love me believe me

I thought of and I smiled
I thought of you my charming bride
Mother of my unborn child
I hope this makes you smile
Or else I’ll go the extra mile

I love you in words and deeds
I miss you like fruit without its seeds
In rain or shine in this life of mine
You’ll always be mine
A sweet night to you from this heart of mine

You and I we are compatible
Like a rich guy in a convertible
Ready to love you I’m capable
to break your heart I'm disable
to love you forever I'm more than able