Can You Really Have Children? (How Fertile Are You?)

If you are reading this and you have a child or have children, then its clear you can have children and there really isn't any need for you to answer the question, but if you are single or married and have no child, then you might want to pay more attention to this article. how fertile you are would determine your chances of having children, so if you know you have plans to have children you should continue reading and even if you plans to ever have children (because some people do choose that), you should read as well, this might just give you a change of heart.

For The Women
Being a woman is a very wonderful experience (no matter the stress involved, its still wonderful), and that is based on what i see and hear though, because i am not a woman and i do not know how it feels like, but i bet being a mother is even a much more wonderful experience, so if all you have been so far is been a woman, good for you, but you need to take it up a notch and become a mother, be sure to get married though and if it ever happens out of wedlock, no matter your status even if you are a student, i tell you, don't ever abort the child.
A female is born with about 2 millions eggs (this is just generic, it may be less for some or more ) and by the time she grows to the state of maturity, say 18 to 21, she would be left with about 400,000 eggs, that's a very large number isn't it? but this number varies from person to person and these eggs are a mix of fertile and non fertile eggs,ovarian reserve tests can actually be done to determine the quantity and quality of eggs, unlike men that remain fertile even till old age, a woman most fertile age is between 18 and 32 (the peak of a womans fertility is at age 30 and it varies, so you don't know yours) though that is not to say a woman can't have children outside that age, the fact is a lot of women withing the so called fertile age are increasingly finding it difficult to have children, i am not in position to point out how fertile a person is (i am not a doctor), this is just an article to call you to action and cause you to make certain changes or take some decisions to help you increase your chances of having children, also i will point out certain things that can affect fertility, when a young woman who has not children already exposes her self to lots of contraceptives or has even at one time or more aborted a baby, fertility is already being tampered with. Even married women who have had children can you tell you how much side effects contraceptives have on them, so imagine then that you don't have children yet and your cycle is going tospy turvy due to heavy use of contraceptives, by the time you would want to have children, only God will help by then, untreated infections can also be a problem, women have open reproductive systems and a woman's system is more vulnerable to infections and if left untreated can be a factor that affects fertility, if as a woman of less than 32, you find that you have breasts that are already sagging, this could be an indicator of your fertility, the appearance of the breasts says a lot about fertility, after all a woman capable of bearing children would have to breast feed

For The Men
Often times when couples have difficulty having children most of the time the blame is placed on the woman, but more than 50% of the time, the problem is from the man, it's the man that determines the gender of child and if what the man deposits in a woman is not fertile enough it can never lead to conception no matter how fertile the eggs in a woman is, wearing tight clothings can raise the temperature of man's reproductive parts to a very high degree that is not conducive for for sperm cells thereby killing them, as man you would do yourself a lot of good by wearing trousers that are not tight, what we see these days are plenty of young men going about wearing tight jeans like women and overly fitting pants, this will only reduce your fertility, another thing is having too much sex partners can also be a problem, because too much of the man's fertile seed would have been wasted and by the time the need for it arises, it's unavailable

like i said earlier in the article this is not a medical talk so to say, but a call to action, perhaps your are knowledgeable on these topic or have experience to share, you can always comment below and don't forget to share this