3 Reasons Why You Have Not Found A Man

I could have as well be writing this article for men, but then we all know men do not find it so difficult to find a woman, infact the problem with some men is how to stay with one woman, so i will be doing my female readers who want to stop being single and seem not to be having a head way around that a favor, in this very short and concise article i will show you 3 obvious reasons why you have not found a man, and if you happen to find out that none of the 3 reasons applies to you, well, i may have to invite you to my church (just kidding). lets get down into it.

1. The first reason why i feel you have not found a man to call your own is this You Actually Want To Be Alone, yes you read me right, you want to be alone, sometimes when certain things happen to us its because somewhere in our minds, we want to it to be so, you see ..As a man (woman) thinks in his heart so is he (she), think well about it, how much do you want to have a man in your life? i understand you don't want to come across as a desperate lady and i understand, but you are over doing it, in your bid not to seem desperate you have completely knocked out the desire to have a man in your life, anyone telling singing in your ears that you don't need a man in your life is only singing to you an evil song, yes believe me, you as a woman was created to need a man, created to be craved by a man, so get down from your high horse and stop wanting to be alone, every time that young man tries to chat you up, you shut him down, its high time you opened up.

2. The second reason on my list is this You don’t Really Know How to Attract the Right One for You, do i need to remind you that you are a woman and you are the one that need to do the positioning while the man do the finding, don't get that statement twisted okay, how you position yourself will determine the kind of man that will find you, i am saying this because it's possible some men actually look your way and want your attention but they just seem to be wrong kind of men and that is as bad as not having men talk to you at all, because i will never suggest you go for just any man because you don't want to be alone, perhaps you need to go out more, the right man wont come knocking on your day out of the blues, except you want to date your family friend though, you need to go out so the right man can see you, dress more appropriately, your crazy girl dressing seem to be attracting only crazy men to you, also you need to be sure of what you want and start acting like it, you want a serious a relationship and not a one night stand? then let it show in your actions, you don't give a man everything on the first date and expect him to stay with you on the long term, sorry dear you already sold your self cheap on the short term.

3. Number three reason on my list why you have not found a man (if you need one), and this is in no wise the least reason, You Don't Know What Attracts Men To You, don't give me that confused look, everyone has a selling point, not that you have anything on sale per say, but everyone has that thing that makes people like them, so you need to identify what attracts men to you, identifying what attracts men to you will help you a great deal in attracting the right man, if men are only attracted to you because of your front and your backside, then you can be sure that will be the only thing they would want when they get close to you, there must be physical attraction no doubt but it shouldn't be the only thing that attracts men to you, but then if you've got very ample front and backside perhaps you need to be a little a more reserved in how tightly you squeeze them into your clothes.

There are no hard and fast rules to attracting the right man, in the end even the best relationships still go through tough times, so its really not about having a perfect man, its about being the perfect woman (which you cant be, as long you still in the flesh), so open your eyes, open your mind and pray to God, if you believe in Him (I hope you do) and He will definitely give you the best that you deserve.
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