There is this madness I've seen over and over and as long as I live it will remain madness.
A brother/sister goes to a Pastor on the issue of who to marry and then the Pastor directs Him/her to go pray. After days of Fasting and Prayer, He/she comes back to tell the Pastor, "God is not showing me anything!" and the Pastor ask that he/she continues. Before long, this gentleman or lady gives up and just follow their fleshy dictates.

Warning: The Pastor whose Spiritual Antenna can't pick local NTA will undoubtedly not be able to lead you through in the issue of marriage. Do you know who you take the issue of who to marry to?

I thought you were going to ask why I call it madness. I'll answer.
It is foolhardy to see God as ATM card that dispenses what we want at will. God doesn't run a Spiritual Pawn Shop where you can just pick and pay.
You see, If you have not learnt how to hear from God in every area of your life now, don't expect Him to answer you tomorrow when you ask, "God who should I marry?"

You need to have a relationship with Him first before you order Him around. You can't live this "charge and bail" kinda Spiritual life and ask God to answer you with a woofer voice.

My friend, you want God to answer that question? Then Seek a relationship with Him first. God bless you as you do.

By Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti