This article is set to teach on the topic which centers on forgiveness, why we need to let go of the past hurts and pains. Understanding that life is all about relationship and that negative things are bound to happen, it all depend on us to let go. It impossible to leave through live without having someone wrong us some way, but it is possible to be unaffected and the only way to stay free is to forgive.
Relationship connects one to another and establishes opportunity to get help or properly get hurt. I know some people has gone through painful experiences so painful they wish it evaporate from their memory talking about relationships and to some it a memorable experience they love to replay in their head over and over again.

Painful experiences such as divorce, guilt, abuse, poverty, sickness, low self-esteem, injustice, fraud, failure to mention but a few have left victim in bondage of unforgiveness. Maybe you have been through divorce or someone walked out on you and you feel that rejection so strong or you were raised in poverty where there was no affection, care or love. Probably you went through some verbal abuse, maybe physical abuse, or even sexual abuse. You had some hard time in your life when people look down on you, making fun of you and you walk around with your head down in insecurity. May be someone cheated you in a business deal and you lost lots of money. Probably you experience a terrible injustice and now you live life angry, bitter, resentful, and carry unforgiveness on your inside.

Do you ask yourself questions such as; why me? Why does this have to happen to me? Can’t it be someone else and not me? Is there a God up there at all? These are some of the question people ask themselves, and such questions are trap from the devil. Don’t fall into this trap, understand God is a God of justice and he will be merciful on whosoever he chooses, don’t give up on God who is ready to pay back every cruel thing life or people has done to you. He has promise to make the wrongs in your life right and he stand as your vindicator ready to fight your battle and avenge on your behalf.

God needs you to release those who have hurt you to him by forgiving them, so you can be set free from the pain of past hurt.
I challenge you today to allow God settle your case, let God be your avenger, don’t try to put the matter in your own hands nor rely on your own strength. Turn it over to God, forgive those that did you wrong and keep a good attitude of God’s love. God has promise to make it up to you but as long as you hold on to that unforgiveness, not only will you poison your own spirit, you will as well stop God from doing the right justice in your life.
Of what use will it be to be mad at someone who isn’t in your life anymore, of what advantage are you resenting someone who is happily married and enjoying life, what good does that do for you? Come out of your emotions and make the decision to get free from the bondage of unforgivness. Resentment does not affect the person being resent, he is not hurting one beat, but it’s you that is resentful that have a poison in your life. So stop prolonging your own misery, don’t let the painful experience of the past or even present get the best out of you, by camping all that anger and bitterness in your heart. You must learn to let go and trust God to settle your case, its only God that can perform the right justice in your life.
You may get some little pleasure by paying evil for evil, but in the long run you just keep God from doing that which he is set to do.’’ God has command that we love our enemies and do good to those that despitefully use us’’ I know that sound hard and probably doesn’t make any sense to you, but it’s when you do this that God resting power start to work in you. When you think deeply you will see that forgiveness is not for the person being forgiven but for the forgiver.
If you want to experience God's best don’t try to vindicate yourself, let God do it for you. When you put on right attitude God will retrieve unto you all that you have lost in multiple folds, it natural to want to get things back, but its only God that can pay certain debt. Your parent can not pay back for not raising you well, your ex cannot give you back the lost time, and you can’t reverse that failure, you can’t go beyond supreme court for earthly justice, it will all go down to forgiveness if you want to retrieve all that you have lost.
View people that hurt you in a new way, don’t get to the point when you will start doing to others what was done to you. Life is too short to live in hurt and pain. Have a change of attitude and you will experience a complete turnaround in your life.