You seriously need to start asking questions, in fact if you are not asking me why I’m saying you need to ask questions, then your questioning ability needs to be questioned, creative, progressive and problem-solving people are those who ask questions, the why, where, how, what, when and who are the various questions that such people ask in life and that is how so many of them have become renowned.

You have been quiet for too long watching things happen around you, stop being a spectator become a participator, start asking questions, why have I been making the same income for the past three years, when will I get married, what are my plans for the future, why is the same problem that faced my parent now facing me, why do I fall in the hands of wrong the men/women all the time, see there are a thousand and one question to ask in life. Finding an answer to one question can put an answer to all your life questions, for example when you answer the question ‘’ what are my plans for the future’’ it will help you answer the question ‘’ what kind of person should I marry’’ because when you have plans for the future it will help you find a man or woman that will fit best into that plan. So many people don’t ask questions, they let things happen to them and accept everything that comes their way.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions but there is so many things wrong with not asking questions, you don’t have to be afraid to ask questions, in fact when the fear to ask questions grips, you need to question that fear you, maybe the reason why your salary has not increased, or you have not found a better job is because you are not asking questions, there is nothing like a wrong or a stupid question , you ask because you want to know, ignorance can be a very high price to pay because ignorant is never an excused.

Don’t be the type of person that says ‘’ curiosity kills the cat’’ indeed curiosity kills the cat but remember also that a cat is said to have 9 lives, stop being the type of person that says, ‘’ that is how it is done’’ be the type that question the statusquo, men used to travel for days, weeks and month before they got to their destination until that was question and man developed cars, trains, and airplanes.
So my question us when will you start asking questions? Now or Never?