Funny Love Messages

Others may want lobster and a plate of rice
All I need do is look into your eyes
And am filled like a big pot of cooked rice
But while I look into your eyes
I don't mind a taste of that plate of hot rice

Other guys may have a crush on you
It's no wonder you choose me what a pressure to place on you
They tried all they can to impress you
But we know all their plan is to undress you
Some even tried to oppress you
Thinking all that will depress you in all they failed in their plans to have you
You are mine forever I've got no plan to replace you

Fell In Love
I fell in love with you
Now with a broken leg you say am no match for you
After all I suffered you
You still ignore me saying all that is not enough for you
Now I ask what is left to do
You say except am ready to die for you
Am not the one for you
After all Jesus already died for you

Your Number
The other day I asked for your number
You snub me say what have you to do with a plumber
Now am with the Lagos lotto winning number
And that is when you remember
Your bore hole is bad can I please be your plumber