I Miss My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Love Messages

I stay awake all night thinking about you
Wish I had you with me all through
Me without you is incomplete like the alphabet without “U”
I miss you I love you
I feel like a lie without you
Like a rumor that is not true
I feel exposed without you
Like a sky that is not blue
I miss my love my one true love I miss you
My one true love I miss you
I hope you do too
The way I feel without you
Is like a 1 without 2
Even as my words come through to you
Remember I love you
And how its never the same without you
I miss you I cant take it
But you are far from me I cant change it
Believe this as you read it
Cos what I feel for you I cant fake it
I miss I love you believe it
Like a fish out of water
Like a bread with no butter
Like a mother with no daughter
Like a cloud that holds no water
So am I without you
I miss you I really do