There are lots of things going wrong around enough so much so that the last thing people think about it love, or better still the one thing people don't think about again is LOVE, from whichever angle you look at it, love is really what makes the world go round, follow me as we look at this together, i believe that you are reading because you believe in love or because you don't believe in love and you are just here to scoff at the idea of "love makes the world go around".

There are a thousand and one definitions for love around, but i wont go into all those complex definitions or analogies, i will simply define love from a simple definition "LOVE is the strong desire and affinity for something, someone or place" thats the simple definition we would be working with.

So if love is a desire and an affinity it means therefore that someone you love, i mean you truly love is someone you have strong desire for, it doesn't matter why you love them, we are not considering types of love here, just what love is. so if you love her or him, you desire him/her and you want nothing else but to be with them, this desire is what drives so many things. the love that lady has for you is what makes her leave school all the way in the east to come and visit you here in Lagos and in coming to visit you she takes public transport or flies or whatever, the important thing is she has to pay for a particular service to enable her come visit you, imagine then the volume of girls all moving around the place all driven by their love for someone out there, thats a real industry right?

If i want to discuss all the various scenarios that are created as a result of love the page will be so long and you we wont exhaust the topic at all, yes i know you are talking the flip side of the story, what about those who go about doing evil and wicked things, do they have love as well? yes they do, they really do have love, only difference is that the things they love are such that their desire for those things transcends into the terrible things they do.
The man who loves money, flashy things and the very nice things of life, remember the definition here is "strong desire for", so the man who has strong desire for money and at a point in time had made enough money to enjoy all of those things he has strong desire for, but all of a sudden he loses all the money and he finds himself in a state of no money, and like the girl in love, he goes out of his way to devise ways to get money at all cost, money the love of his life, such a man would kill, cheat, dupe, scam and do just about anything to make sure he has money.

If by now you don't agree that love makes the world go round it means i may not be the one to convince you and for those who agree with me and who have people they love and truly love and would do anything to let them know how much they mean to you, there are few words here you can send to them to express how you feel.