I Miss You Rhymes

I know we've fought
Like cats and dogs.
Stripped of all emotions,
We've become like logs.

I know we've misunderstood,
each other all the way.
And there’s nothing left,
to do or say.

But that doesn't mean,
I don’t miss you a lot.
Without you life,
is a stinky rot.

I miss you.
I’m busy reminiscing
too involved recollecting.
Spending time being nostalgic,
Thinking of all those times, so terrific.

Recalling to each other, what we’ve bared.
All the romance that we’ve shared.
Come back to me baby,
without you I’m going crazy

I miss you.
Everything comes to a halt,
when you’re not around.
Everything becomes chaotic,
nothing remains sound.

Everything seems broken,
when you aren’t there.
I can’t find any peace,
even if I look everywhere.

Without you my life,
ends up in tatters.
Be back soon honey,
you’re the only one who matters.

I miss you.
I cannot describe in words,
how I miss you like hell.
How much I think of you,
I simply cannot tell.
Emotions are not enough,
to convey my feelings.
There is no way to express how,
life without you is disturbing.

Because I do not have,
expressions that are enough.
The only thing I will say is,
living without you is tough.

I miss you.
If you ever gave a thought,
to my miserable condition,
you wouldn't have been busy,
pursuing your ambition.
If only, you cared a bit more,
about what I am going through,

you wouldn't have given me a chance,
To say that I badly miss you