Without mincing words, there is no relationship or marriage that has no battle to fight. It could be financial, moral, emotional, or even spiritual. If you want to succeed, then you must have the complete weaponry to deal with them all.

Goliath threatened Israel and young David volunteered to help bring him down and then King Saul offered him his own armour. What for? One way or another, he would be like, I've been in the battle things for donkey years and at least this armour has helped a great deal. Suprisingly, David put it off. He said, "I've not tried this before!"
But one could think, what if He's hit by Goliath?

Learn this: the way King Saul prescribed his armour as one of the tools to fight, is the same way you are taught the deals of marriage and relationship(through Seminars). Those who taught you have forgotten that, it takes different sets of weapons for different battles.

Be that as it may, it will be tragic to plunge headlong for what speakers dish out to you only. God is the major source of strength towards fulfilment in relationship and marriage.
And like David said, this Goliath is not more than the lion and the bear which I've killed. To this end, every one intending to go into relationship or marriage must fight the bears and lions of "Character disorderliness and demeaning attitudes." in that, if you are robbed of these, you dare not win the real battle in relationship or marriage.

Mind you, don't ever think you'll be fulfilled in relationship cum marriage without sound knowledge of the word. Seminars don't do it all- get more of the word!

By Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti