Romantic Goodnight Love Messages/Rhymes For My Love

In the night time when you are on your bed and you are already fallen into a sleepy state, your phone beeps and then you see a message from the one you love, a very wonderful of how much they love you and an undying promise of how he/she will never let you go away from his/her mind. often times you feel very good right? no matter how bad the day must have been such a message will definitely make you feel better.

It doesn't even matter if the message comes from someone you don't even have feelings for, a heart warming message does it job no matter who is sending it, imagine then if there is this girl you really love and you have been trying to get her attention but she just doesn't want have any of that plus she doesn't want to be friends with you, when you make it a habit to start sending her a nightly message especially the types you would soon get used to seeing on this site, i tell you such a girl will in no time change her mind, because the day you stop sending such messages, she would feel something is missing. So make it a habit to send warm night messages to people you love or people you want their love, it does a lot of wonders.

I'm sure you would find these messages very interesting plus they all come in rhymes as well isn't that awesome?

Me without you
is like rice with no stew,
miss you like a morning with no dew,
my angel you are my sweet shining star,
accept my kisses coming from afar.
Sweet night love.

With love in our eyes
and God on our side
we fly like butter flies.
With our testimony on the rise
I look to your eyes and my desire rise
I love you till the sun won't rise.
Love you plenty
sweet night to you

I feel your heart beat like a mother feels her child kicks,
though far from you my love come through
where you is, is where i are
my treasure you are,
sweet dreams princess

Whenever I think of you I can’t help but smile
your passion for the things of God
our common vision and the love we share
I love you my dear
have a sweet night rest&sweet dreams.

Not sure I have a new good night message
but have got a thank you message,
to God almighty for been there for us ,
and to my princess for been there for me all this time
love you dear,

Did I make you smile
was the visit worth the while,
because for you I will go the extra mile,
and as you go to sleep I hope I got you to smile,
smile for me my princess and have a lovely night rest.

Let it go the sleep in your eyes,
let it fly like flies and butterflies,
clear your eyes like a sweet plate of fried rice,
I got your side
though I may not be by your side.