If you happen to have never worked before and you still looking for a job and you think this article will do you no good, well think again, staying at home in itself is a job, because it's not easy and it can be very frustrating and that is why you need to get a better job than just sitting at home, so i urge you to read along.

There is no perfect job anywhere in the world and even when a job seems perfect and looks like the best thing that ever happened to you, then the work place might not be the best, another thing that maybe missing in a perfect job equation is a perfect boss, but then lets imagine you find a perfect job, in a perfect work place as well as a perfect boss, you might not have perfect colleagues, but before i mistake and commit a fallacy, perhaps you happen to have a perfect job in a perfect work place, with a perfect boss as well as perfect colleagues, then please drop me a line here, i would like to work in that company of yours.

Having said that, one of the things you must put in the right perspective concerning your pursuit of a better job is your expectation, be realistic in your expectations, lets look at it like this, no matter how beautiful or handsome your wife or husband is there would always be someone looking better than him/her, so no matter how superb your job is there would always be a better job than your current job, you should never base your desire to get another job on how wonderful your friend's job is, doing that would make you a serial job seeker and that would do your resume no good.

let's be realistic here, the only reason why you have not found a better job (aside spiritual reasons and economic factor) is because you have not been a better person, oh before that sounds like i am putting you down, if you have spent at least two years on your current job and you can't
1. list the things you have accomplished for the company
2. list additional skills and expertise you have gained since working in the company
3. list the professional certification, professional membership or an additional degree you have obtained

so if in at least two years of working on your current job you do not have at least two out of the three options i stated above, then permit me to say, its a miracle that you still have the job, talk less of a better job, the question i want to put to you is this, what would you be taking to that better job you are seeking, if in your current job, you are not better than you were when you started the job? I do hope we are on the same page on this discussion? you want a better job? then be a better person, the type that would be missed when he/she leaves any company, perhaps you have three out of three of the options i stated above and you are yet to get a better job, then you might need to change your job seeking approach and be a little more drastic if you really want a better job.
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