Right now, just picture an auditorium with 10,000 people on sit. It's a Stage Drama show and the Drama kicks off.
From the extreme end of the auditorium comes an actor who's supposed to be an old man but, instead of portraying such, he comes walking.

As he gets to the side of the stage, he puts on his costume,bends his back and start playing the role of an old man.
Can you say that boy is a good actor? No! I'm sure you're going to start hissing at him.

Speaking as a drama minister, when you are to minister in drama, it is expected of you to start playing the part you are given from where any eye could "possibly" see you. That is: you start acting as soon as you are "ON SET," not "ON STAGE."

Whenever you're told "You are now on set," it means you are expected to start playing your role to the fullest right there. You will have act to the stage and back to where you came out from. In short, you must start acting even before any eye could be set on you and every participant must see you throughout in your costumes. As for the stage, it is just the platform where the major acting is done. Understood?

The description above is of the one who only see the beginning of acting on the stage. In practical, that is a wrong and unaccepted way of acting.

In Antioch, the followers of Christ got themselves the name "Christian" when they portrayed Jesus Christ. (Acts11:26) They were in the costumes of humility and service as they played the role of "great followership." They played what the bible describes as "Reasonable Service" (Romans12:1~)
Obviously, they did what could have earned them a "Thumbs up" from Jesus Christ Himself. But that was then.

What do we see these days? We see Christians who never learnt the art of "Acceptable Service" but go about saying "I'm born again. Indeed saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost filled with the evidence of Speaking in tongues."

When they come to the Church, they lift up their so-called "Holier than thou" hands and Chorus their way into the heart of the victims of their lies- the congregation.
They are the people of nothing but Impregnable defeat- hissy fits of the new age!

You see them on the altar "Scabashing(speaking in tongues)" but a ravening wolf after the service. Their disposition in their respective homes and places of work, is nothing to write home about. Filthiness in the superlative order!

In the light of this, Christianity is to be practised everywhere there is any living thing. Practise it before even domestic animals. Do what is right before all men. Put on Christ and let your CHARACTER and ATTITUDE speak well of Christian faith.

" an example of the believers, in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity." (1Timothy 4:12).

I pray that God give you, even me, the grace to stand out as a Christian that Jesus Christ will be proud of. Amen.

By Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti