Love Messages She Would Love

I know really miss you but what can I do.
All I do is think about you,
reminiscing the times spent with you.
Yes I know am strong enough
but my strength seem not to be enough
because your absence really turns me off.
Soon I know that your beauty I will behold,
your tender hands soon I will hold.
Then I will forget I ever missed you.

Loving you is what I want to do all the time
but I don't have you around me all the time,
my love for you I know will pass the test of time,
this is one thing I have in my mind all the time.
Your words like a cool spring refresh my heart.
I love you and I forever pray it stay like that.

I love you is what you say.
I think about it every day.
Hoping that it stays that way.
I looked at you picture today,
praying with me you will stay.
From the path of our love I will not stray.
The path may be long and sway.
But I will love you all the way.
This is what I know and I feel it every day.

Living without you around me
leaves a hurt within me.
Absence yes makes the heart go fonder.
Your absence makes my heart to wonder.
For you my soul thirst and hunger.
Holding you close to me is what I desire.
Your face every time I get to admire.
Honey you are my shining star.
Your distance from me may be far
but I will love you and this I will do forever
because you the light of my fire

Words are not enough to express how much I miss you.
I sit down and wonder whether you miss me as much as I miss you

Loving you as been a battle,
a battle I am using all my strength to handle.
It been hard and long and tortuous like a chain tied around my ankle.
I feel like I am in a tangle of chains and rope altogether in a bundle.
Like am falling from a hill I tumble and it feels like rumble in the jungle.

I really wonder why I love you,
I wonder really why I need you,
I ponder hard as to why I think you,
feel you, see you and talk you.