Love Messages You Can Send as SMS

These rhymes are splendid and am not saying so because i composed them, am saying so because I've had reason to send these messages to the one I love and the reaction has been one of awe and wonderful appreciation.
The truth we all don't have the talent to compose such wonderful words but i bet you if you come here over time to get words to send to the ones you love, you will get so used to such words that you will inadvertently start writing such yourself except you are totally not cut out for such, but then love can make us do some very crazy things.
For me i didn't discover this gift of mine until i started having feelings towards the opposite gender, so you might just end up discovering your gifts too when you get familiar with rhymes right here, its all for your sending pleasure, remember love makes the world go round, so spread the and let it go round

It was not love at first sight
but it was love that went right,
its not the sparkle in your eyes
but the sparkle in my eyes
when I look in your eyes,
so glad to be the beef on your place of rice

You tickle my fancy,
I love you I don’t care about Anita and Nancy,
what we share is precious the world cannot see,
I will climb mountains I will cross the blue sea,
I will love you like kids love the ABC,
I will kiss you and love you beyond your fantasy,
please baby be mine sign me into your agency.

if she was not sure before of her feelings now she might doing a rethink when she sees these words

Roses are red and violet are blue,
thought in my head are all about you.

Roses are red and violet are blue,
alone on my bed thinking about you.

the classic roses are red rhymes written in a different form

Later I will write you a letter,
later my life will get better,
I love you now and not later,
am the bread you are the butter,
I quench your thirst like cold water,
ignore those girls you are far hotter,
the boys stare dem fall for gutter,
the girls dey beef you are finer and better,
they squeeze their face I roll with laughter.

if you rolled with laughter i bet you she will roll with much laughter too like i did when i wrote this in my jotter

Errors and mistakes are rebuked,
excellence and remembrance are invoked,
on a journey of success you have embarked,
all for you sake my princess

This is not a rhyme
because it doesn’t come all the time,
this is tasty like lemon and lime,
but you may prefer a flavor of curry and thyme.
Oh did I just rhyme.

She knocks on my door
and asks for a rhyme like am her debtor,
with no single dime
I can’t give her a rhyme on time,
she is a friend in need
and I must be a friend indeed
with this rhyme i hope am freed

Now she want more let me feed her greed,
you know it just a rhyme you got no greed,
now the rhyme is coming the image is forming,
your lips are smiling and it’s you am loving.
Love you.

I can be light in your darkness
though not as God the royal highness,
am your prince and you are my royal princess,
your price is far above rubies and you are too priceless.

My heart yearn for my better half
without her am like a company without staff,
I miss my soul mate
like a student with no classmate,
miss you but I love you more