A heart of worship is a heart that surrenders all to God, exhibit God's glory and offers Him all of its resources. To develop this heart you must mind what goes into your heart because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and out of the heart comes the issue of life. You must guard your heart with all diligence and renew it with the truth of God's word on a daily basis. Learn what worship is and how to worship with the Help of the Holy Spirit with a heart full of the knowledge of God's word and the help of Holy Spirit, you sure will develop a heart of worship.
There are some barriers that may want to hinder your total surrender to God, barriers such as pride, fear and confusion. Questions such as can I trust God? Will come to your mind, you will also be admitting you limitations and you might not even understand what it means to worship.

You do not have the spirit of fear or timidity but of sound mind with self-control, if you are afraid be sure it from the devil and the sure way to overcome that fear is to face it by declaring God’s word in contrary and replace your fear with faith.
Pride is the most powerful weapon the devil use to prevent people from surrendering themselves to God. The deception the devil place on their mind is to make them believe they can share in the glory of God by assuming in their head that are too big to do certain things in the place of worship and by so doing them gradually lose their enthusiasm and passion for worship.
Confusion it when we find diverse of demons among brethren in the place of worship, yes I said demon. In a gathering where there is envy, jealousy, bitterness, selfishness, gossip, love of money than the love of God, fornication, adultery and the rest of them. It will be difficult to experience true worship in such settings.

A worship enable gathering should be one that the brethren work in love, stand in faith and full of hope. If pride is the greatest weapon of the devil then believe you me that humility is the greatest armor of the Spirit. It will be difficult for sin to reign where brethren think of each other in selfless love, appreciate each other strength, support one another weaknesses without envy, challenge each other in good works and not jealousy, forgive one another in love without bitterness, advice and cushion each other without gossip, love God more than silver and gold, keep their body as God temple and love their spouse without any extra-marital affairs.

The best way to live is to is in worship to God surrendering all to Him, which is best demonstrated in obedience by living life as explained above. Giving your totality to God is the best way to be fulfilled in life, nothing else work. You can have the latest car, you can own a bank, you can be the father of a president but until you surrender all of this to God in place of worship you cant experience complete happiness. If there is any area of your life that you are holding back, let go now and surrender all in worship. Developing a heart of worship is very easy doing make it difficult for yourself, start thinking less of yourself and more of God.

God loves it when our worship is accurate; He is well pleased when our worship is authentic. When you thoughtfully worship God its well pleases Him. Demonstrating in practical ways; a raise of your hands, prostrating in humility with your face to the floor is well appreciated by Him. And remember real worship is rooted in God’s word and also that your private worship mean more to God than your public because it is what you do when no one is around that is more important.
Rom 6:13, 21:11, mark 12:13